“GOP dashes Democratic hopes of bellwether win in Fort Bend”

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Republican Gary Gates Beats Back Entire National Democratic Party In Texas Special Election

Aaron Navarro with CBS News: “Gates’ victory in Texas House District 28 shows steady Republican support in the suburbs and provides a reality check for Democrats looking to compete up and down the ballot and flip the State House ahead of redistricting in 2021. ” (CBS News, 1/29/20)

The Texas Tribune’s Patrick Svitek: “Democrats had hoped the race would build momentum for their push to take control of the Texas House in November. The Houston-area contest garnered national attention and overshadowed two other special election runoffs for House districts Tuesday.” (The Texas Tribune, 1/28/20)

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra: “Texas Republicans dominated in a key Texas state House race on Tuesday against a leftist candidate backed by failed Senate and failed presidential candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke… Democrats and the media had tried to claim that this was a bellwether race for this November that this race was going to help them push their narrative that Texas was turning purple.” (The Daily Wire, 1/29/20)

Rice University Baker Institute’s Mark Jones: “This is an election where we’re seeing hundreds of thousands of national dollars flow into the race. What national Democrats care about is not so much the race, per se, but what they care about is Democrats controlling the Texas House in 2021, and thereby preventing Republicans from drawing the districts in a tailor-made way, which could cost national Republicans anywhere from 5 to 10 U.S. House seats.” (ABC13 Houston, 1/28/20)

AP’s Paul J. Weber:  “Republicans won handily a closely watched special election Tuesday to keep hold of a suburban Houston district that President Donald Trump won easily four years ago, fending off a national blitz by Democrats in a Texas legislative race.” (AP, 1/28/20, *posted to NYT, Houston Chronicle, TIME)  

Houston Chronicle’s Jasper Scherer: Gates staves off Markowitz in ‘bellwether’ Fort Bend runoff” (Houston Chronicle, 1/28/20)

Austin American-Statesman’s Jonathan Tilove: “GOP dashes Democratic hopes of bellwether win in Fort Bend…Republican Gary Gates on Tuesday won a smashing 16-point victory over Democrat Eliz Markowitz in a special runoff election for a vacant state House seat in the Houston suburbs, where Democrats hoped an upset win would kick-start efforts to wrangle control of the Texas House in 2020.” (Austin American-Statesman, 1/28/20)

Lauren Egan in NBC News: “The Republican State Leadership Committee tweeted that ‘Gary Gates defeated the entire national Democratic party tonight’…Democrats have poured resources into the race, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of Markowitz. Forward Majority, a Democratic super PAC focused on flipping state houses, says it alone spent $400,000.” (NBC News, 1/28/20)

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: “Big GOP win in a TX special election! Dems spent $1M+ and called #HD28 a ‘bellwether’ for 2020. National Dems like Biden, Bloomberg, Beto & Warren went all-in. Congratulations @GatesforTexas, @RSLC, and our hundreds of grassroots volunteers who got involved!” (Twitter, 1/28/20)

Kevin Brady for Congress: “Glad to have supported now Rep. Gates – we are are “all in” to keep Texas House red! RT @RSLC: Gary Gates defeated the entire national Democratic party tonight. Backed by $1M and support from @BetoORourke, @JoeBiden, @ElizabethWarren, and more — Dems truly believed they could buy Texas. They were wrong. Congrats on the HUGE win tonight, @GatesforTexas!” (Twitter, 1/28/2020)

Evan Smith, CEO of @TexasTribune: “a drubbing. literally doubles the last @RepJohnZerwas margin. if it’s a bellwether, yikes #txlege #tx2020” (Twitter, 1/28/20)

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Joe Biden: “This will set the tone for the entire general election in 2020.” (Twitter, 1/16/20)

Beto O’Rourke: “The single most important election taking place in the United States right now … Eliz Markowitz might be able to turn the tide and define not just the outcome of that election but what is possible on a larger scale throughout Texas. (Twitter, 1/23/20)

Elizabeth Warren: “I’m joining Democrats across Texas and the country who are jumping all in for Eliz.” (Texas Tribune, 1/21/20)

Julian Castro: “We can send a message that our state has had enough of Republican attempts…” (DailyKos, 1/17/20)

DLCC: “Flipping Texas Blue Starts with Eliz Markowitz.” (DLCC, Press Release, 9/24/19)

DLCC: Texas HD28 a “key bellwether for the 2020 elections…” (DLCC, Press Release, 10/23/19)

Texas Democratic Party: “Great momentum point for us…” (The Hill, 1/27/20)

Flippable: Flipping the Texas House Starts Now” (Medium, 10/17/19)

Forward Majority: “This race is at the frontline of the fight to win the Texas State House and rewrite the electoral landscape for a generation to come.” (Fundraising Email, 1/27/20)


Associated Press: “2020′s first big test? Not Iowa, but a tiny Texas House race” (Associated Press, 1/18/20)

The Huffington Post: “If Texas Is Going To Turn Blue, It Starts With This Special Election” (The Huffington Post, 9/20/19) 

The Hill: “The 28th District has a special election for its House seat on Tuesday, the first opportunity for Democrats to see if their strategy is paying off.” (The Hill, 1/27/20)

National Journal“District 28 is a seat west of Houston that will offer an early data point about Democrats’ ability to chip away at Republican support in the suburbs.” (National Journal, 1/23/20)

NBC News: “The race, viewed by some as a harbinger of Democrats’ chances of taking the House in November, has drawn national interest.” (NBC News, 1/17/20)

The Texas Observer: This race will “show which way the political winds are blowing.” (The Texas Observer, 10/31/19)

The Texas Tribune: “Democrats look to special election for suburban Houston state House seat as 2020 harbinger” (The Texas Tribune, 10/9/19)

Corpus Christi Caller Times: “The first votes of the 2020 election cycle will offer some clue as to whether Texas is really in play.” (Corpus Christi Caller Times, 1/24/20)