IN THE NEWS: Liberal Billionaires Flood Money Into Virginia to Fund Socialist Movement



Liberal Billionaires Flood Money Into Virginia to Fund Socialist Movement

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee on Tuesday secured huge wins in states across the country: Republicans for the first time swept all of the statewide elections in Mississippi while winning a super majority in the state Senate and maintaining the super majority in the House, won each of the down-ballot races in Kentucky, and flipped a critical state Senate seat in deep blue New Jersey that could move Republicans out of a super minority. Republicans won everywhere on Election Day – except for Virginia, where liberal billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg poured millions of dollars into the commonwealth to spread their radical agenda. The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board and Fox News emphasized the consequences of this unprecedented spending.

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The Wall Street Journal (11/6/19): The governing consequences will be most severe in Virginia, where the GOP was outspent as the national left, led by Mike Bloomberg’s gun-control operation, poured in millions of dollars. Democrats will use their new majorities to move the state left…

“Virginia Democrats received an assist this year from federal judges who redrew the legislative map after liberal groups said they were racially gerrymandered. The Supreme Court declined on a 5-4 vote to let the GOP House of Delegates defend its map on appeal. Democrats will try to gerrymander state legislative and U.S. House districts after the 2020 census to cement their majorities for a decade. Do not wait for complaints about this from the Washington Post or former Attorney General Eric Holder, whose group only opposes gerrymanders that favor Republicans.”

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Laura Ingraham (11/6/19): “Another factor that is important to note in this Virginia race – and it should jolt Republicans into action themselves – in this cycle, huge amounts of money flowed into Virginia’s local elections. George Soros pumped millions in to elect commonwealth attorneys who pledged to radically change how we prosecute crime in the commonwealth. Prioritizing so-called ‘social justice concerns’ over public safety.

“In September alone, Virginia Democrats running for statehouse and senate offices got $3.34 million from out-of-state donors.”

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Tucker Carlson (11/6/19): “The biggest winners of last night’s elections were maybe billionaire Democratic donors Michael Bloomberg and George Soros. Both of them heavily invested in races across the country – particularly in Virginia where their preferred candidates won.”

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Dana Perino (11/6/19): “Soros and Bloomberg in particular have been trying to focus on down-ballot races. So what I mean by that is not your governor’s race necessarily but they’re in state, local races, city council races, and in particular district attorney races. And it’s much easier to cut through all of the noise of the national political scene and the governors’ races, and focus on those local races at that level. They are making big gains. Part of it is that they are riding a wave. There are changes happening across the country.

“For example in Philadelphia the collar counties around Philly got bluer yesterday, but the collar counties around Pittsburgh got redder. There is a movement happening, but you can have an impact with money and I think Republicans have done such an impressive job working with President Trump and, for the past two decades, focusing on judges. One thing the Republicans might really want to think about is, how do they match Soros and Bloomberg dollar for dollar in these races as well?”