Tom Steyer Should Donate to Virginia Taxpayers

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WASHINGTON – The Washington Post reported this morning that billionaire and radical environmentalist Tom Steyer is “pour[ing] another $1 million into helping the Democrats win Virginia” state elections this fall, aiding a coordinated effort to implement a so-called “Green New Deal” in the commonwealth, and support for Governor Ralph Northam’s campaign to bring Virginia into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which could force consumers to pay “significantly more for electricity.”

The Republican State Leadership Committee Communications Director Dave Abrams issued the following statement:

“While Tom Steyer is busy cutting checks to elect radical liberals in Virginia, he should send one to the millions of taxpayers whose electricity bills would nearly double under the Democrats’ proposed energy tax hike. Of course, we know he’ll leave it to them to pick up the tab, so Virginians should remember this: Tom Steyer spending more of his money, means you will have less of yours.”