This Week in RSLC News: President Trump’s coalition is alive and well after Wisconsin Supreme Court victory

melinaNews, Weekly Roundup

In last Sunday’s New York Post, national columnist Salena Zito revisited the recent victory in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race in her piece, This tiny election proves Trump’s coalition is alive and well, where she wrote, “Finally, in the last week before the election, the Republican State Leadership Committee delivered a cash Hail Mary for Hagedorn. Their million-dollar ads prominently showcased President Trump as a booster of the conservative Supreme Court, saying he is ‘defending our rights, all thanks to your vote.’ The ads also noted that extreme out-of-state special-interest groups were spending millions to back liberal Neubauer and ‘spreading false attacks against conservative, rule-of-law Judge Brian Hagedorn, just like they did against Justice [Brett] Kavanaugh.’”  Zito went on to write, “As the Democratic Party shifts further left, they need to face a question: What do you do when you have all the money in the world, the media and culture on your side and you still struggle to win over voters?”
 As Americans finished filing their taxes this week, Arkansas Lt. Governor Tim Griffinreminded us that, “In 2019, Americans will spend more on taxes than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined. Government taxes too much and spends too much.” The Missouri Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld  Governor Mike Parson’sappointment of Mike Kehoe as the state’s lieutenant governor.  Governor Parson stated, “Missouri’s constitution is clear regarding the authority to make gubernatorial appointments,” he said in a statement. “It’s important that Missouri have all of the statewide offices filled, which work to provide stability and to ensure that all Missourians are being served appropriately.”Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick says he’s not leaving Texas to join President Donald Trump’s administration in the Department of Homeland Security or in another agency.  “I’m not going to Washington,” Patrick said in a radio interview with a Lubbock talk show host on Thursday morning. “I’m staying here.”