Listen to Rebecca: RSLC Launches New Ad in Support of Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch

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Listen to Rebecca

RSLC Launches Statewide Ad Debunking Democrats’ “Healthscare” Tactics

WASHINGTON (October 29, 2018) – The Republican State Leadership Committee today launched a statewide, near quarter million-dollar, broadcast and cable issue ad highlighting Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch’s work on healthcare reform in Wisconsin, serving as the state’s second executive on Governor Scott Walker’s team.

Along with Governor Scott Walker, Lt. Governor Kleefisch helped pass bipartisan reform to Wisconsin’s healthcare system, which reduced premiums and has promised to pass legislation guaranteeing coverage for preexisting conditions.

“Not only has Lt. Governor Kleefisch been part of the successful administration that has brought Wisconsin’s unemployment to a record low of 2.9%, but her work on healthcare reform, as a cancer survivor, sets a model for other states to follow,” said Matt Walter, President of the Republican State Leadership Committee.

The new ad is supported by the RSLC’s Republican Lieutenant Governors Association as Republicans currently hold 31 of 45 lieutenant governors’ offices in the country.

A script of the RSLC’s new ad is below, and the ad can be seen here:

Rebecca Kleefisch survived cancer.  That’s the ultimate pre-existing condition.

She and Governor Walker passed bipartisan reforms to lower Wisconsin health care premiums and they’ll call a special session to guarantee pre-existing conditions. Guarantee.

If anyone says otherwise, they’re just trying to scare you.

Rebecca says once you’ve heard the word “cancer,” nothing else scares you much. Don’t listen to others.

Listen to Rebecca.

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