Kate Marshall’s Mismanaging of Nevadans’ Money Makes Her Unfit for Office

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David James

Kate Marshall’s Mismanaging of Nevadans’ Money Makes Her Unfit for Office

RSLC Launches Digital Campaign Exposing Marshall’s Record of Mismanaging Millions in Taxpayer Funds

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), the nation’s largest caucus of Republican state-elected officials and candidates, launched a quarter million-dollar digital ad campaign to expose Kate Marshall’s horrific record of mismanagement in the Nevada State Treasurer’s office.

“Liberal Kate Marshall has abused the trust given to her by Nevadans by squandering millions of taxpayer dollars to increase her own office spending, and mismanaging millions in scholarship funding,” said Matt Walter, President of the RSLC.  “The RSLC’s ad launched today closes the argument on why Kate Marshall cannot be trusted with the state’s second-in-command job and Nevadans’ hard-earned tax dollars,” added Walter.

The campaign will direct voters to www.mismanagedmarshall.com where they can learn more about Marshall’s mismanagement during her tenure as the State Treasurer.

A script of the new ad is below and can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQgO0JQCLDY

Kate Marshall mismanaged your money.

As Treasurer, Kate Marshall increased her office spending by almost two million dollars while Nevada family incomes shrank.

That’s your tax dollars that Marshall mismanaged.

Marshall also mismanaged our college scholarship fund, so it fell millions of dollars short of fulfilling student scholarships.

Don’t let Kate Marshall mismanage your money any more.  Don’t give Marshall the number two job in the state.

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