This Week in RSLC News: Matt Walter’s Appearance on NPR, Numerous Independent Expenditures, and more

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RSLC President Matt Walter appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition on Wednesday to discuss the role the RSLC has played in building up the Republican Party at the state level over the past decade and offered his analysis on the upcoming midterm elections. “When you’re at all-time highs, you are naturally playing defense. And when you have an environment that the historical trend lines are going to tell you that you’re going to wind up losing seats, you have to fight against that regression to the mean,” Walter said of the political environment but later added, “if [Democrats are] winding up for a wave, I think they’re going to be extraordinarily disappointed.”


On Monday, the RSLC launched a digital campaign promoting Oklahoma lieutenant governor candidate Matt Pinnell. The ads highlighted Pinnell’s pledge to increase tourism in the state as well as his plan to grow the economy with family-supporting jobs. “Matt Pinnell is an exceptionally bright, young leader for his state and our campaign will seek to educate Oklahomans that he will be a champion of educational reforms and growing the state’s economy when he assumes office,” RSLC President Matt Walter said upon release of the campaign.

Last Friday, the RSLC’s Judicial Fairness Initiative began running statewide television ads in support of West Virginia state Supreme Court Justices Evan Jenkins and Tim Armstead. Justices Jenkins and Armstead were appointed by Republican Governor Jim Justice to fill the vacancies of justices who resigned over improper spending and ethics complaints. The ad titled, “Returning Honor and Integrity to the West Virginia Supreme Court” can be seen here.

The RSLC continued its activity in Wisconsin’s 25th Senate District with a television ad highlighting Democrat Senator Janet Bewley’s vote to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses and her opposition to tax credits that helped middle-class families. The campaign mirrors the efforts by the RSLC in the 2016 race for Wisconsin’s 24th Senate district which ousted an incumbent Democrat state Senator.

Today, the RSLC began a statewide radio ad campaign for Maryland Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford promoting his work to stem the opioid epidemic in the state. “When Governor Larry Hogan needed an ally to help implement his innovative agenda for Maryland, he turned to Boyd Rutherford, and Rutherford answered the call,” RSLC President Matt Walter said. “The Hogan-Rutherford agenda has brought an innovative approach to the opioid crisis and revived Maryland’s economy.”

The Associated Press reported that the RSLC’s Judicial Fairness Initiative has spent over $1 million to unseat Arkansas state Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson. The efforts have included television ads promoting her opponent, David Sterling, as well as ads knocking Goodson for taking gifts and contributions from class-action trial lawyers while ruling on cases that would help make them millions.