Lee Snodgrass – Growing Government, Not Prosperity

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Lee Snodgrass – Growing Government, Not Prosperity

RSLC Launches Ad Campaign to Expose Snodgrass’s Liberal Agenda

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee today launched a two-spot radio issue ad campaign exposing the efforts of liberal Lee Snodgrass to grow government at the expense of the working families of Wisconsin’s 19th Senate District.

“The choice in the Fox Valley is clear: Lee Snodgrass’s desire to empower more government, or Roger Roth’s record of empowering people,” said Matt Walter, President of the Republican State Leadership Committee.  “With Wisconsin’s unemployment rate falling to its lowest ever this year under the leadership of Governor Scott Walker, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and Republicans in the state legislature, Lee Snodgrass’s agenda would put a stop to the comeback Wisconsin has seen in recent years,” Walter added.

The RSLC’s 2010 REDMAP program helped flip nearly 1,000 state legislative seats nationally, leading the GOP to presently control 67 of 99 statehouse chambers.

The first ad “Choice Matters” starts today, and a script can be seen below.  You can listen to the ad here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MZnZrWckU

We see it everywhere… in the grocery store… at the car dealership. The more choice, the better.

But Lee Snodgrass’s plan would take away our freedoms, putting government in control of our lives.

Snodgrass is calling to eliminate the caps on property taxes…which could lead to skyrocketing property tax hikes.

And Snodgrass supports a big government takeover of our healthcare… that would remove our freedom to pick the care we need.

Lee Snodgrass’s plans are the wrong choice.

But veteran Roger Roth has better solutions.

Roth is working to lower taxes and fund our schools, giving every family access to the best education possible.

Roth is fighting to keep our jobs in Wisconsin…

And Roger Roth is ensuring we have the freedom to choose our own healthcare, ensuring pre-conditions are covered, and keeping government off our backs.

So, call Lee Snodgrass at (608) 630-3295 and tell her to choose us… not radical ideas.

Paid for by Republican State Leadership Committee.

The second ad, “Get Used To,” (script below) can be found here:

The sound of losing money.  Nobody likes to hear it.

But if Lee Snodgrass gets her way – it’s something Wisconsin families will have to get used to.

Snodgrass is calling to end limits on property taxes, raising our cost of living.

And Snodgrass supports a full government takeover of healthcare, putting bureaucrats in charge, and costing us billions in new taxes.

Threatening our care and taxing us, Lee Snodgrass’s costly agenda’s not right for Wisconsin.

But veteran and small business owner, Roger Roth, helps Wisconsin families.

Roth secured twenty million in new funding for our schools without raising our taxes.

And Roth is working hard to keep local jobs here in Wisconsin.

Because for Roger Roth, protecting and growing our pocketbooks is priority number one.

So, call Lee Snodgrass at (608) 630-3295 and tell Snodgrass we can’t afford her plan for Wisconsin.

Paid for by Republican State Leadership Committee.

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The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) is the largest caucus of Republican state leaders in the country and the only national organization whose mission is to elect Republicans to multiple down-ballot, state-level offices. Since 2002, the RSLC has been working to elect candidates to the offices of lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state legislator, the judiciary and other down-ticket races. After Election Night 2017, state-level Republicans maintain 67 of 99 legislative chamber majorities in red, purple and blue states, hold 31 lieutenant governor seats, and control 30 secretaries of state offices. To learn more about the RSLC, please visit www.rslc.gop or follow @RSLC on Twitter.