Republicans Stand Firm Against Lathrop’s Embrace of the Sanders-Ocasio-Cortez Liberal Agenda

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David James
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Republicans Stand Firm Against Lathrop’s Embrace of the Sanders-Ocasio-Cortez Liberal Agenda

WASHINGTON (October 2, 2018) – The Republican State Leadership Committee launched a new ad exposing trial attorney Steve Lathrop’s liberal record while serving previously in the state legislature.

“Liberal trial attorney Steve Lathrop’s attempts to make Nebraska a sanctuary state, while being soft on crime and raising property taxes represent the values of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, not the mainstream working families of Nebraska,” said Matt Walter, President of the Republican State Leadership Committee.  “We have seen this extreme liberalism in deep blue states like New York and California, but the idea it would exist in America’s heartland must be stopped,” added Walter.

The new television ad starts airing today and is part of a multi-platform campaign including broadcast and cable television.

You can view the “The Facts” here:

The script to the RSLC’s new ad follows:

Democrat for Legislature Steve Lathrop calls himself a moderate, but let’s look at the facts.

Steve Lathrop voted to give illegal immigrants taxpayer-funded benefits like healthcare.

Steve Lathrop fought to repeal the death penalty, putting our families’ safety at risk.

And Steve Lathrop voted against cutting wasteful spending while our property taxes skyrocketed.

The facts are clear: Steve Lathrop is just another out-of-touch liberal, and that’s the last thing Ralston and Millard families need.

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