Conclusion of Term Sees Supreme Court Throw Water on Obama-Holder, Democrats’ Obstructive Litigation Strategy

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David James

Conclusion of Term Sees Supreme Court Throw Water on Obama-Holder, Democrats’ Obstructive Litigation Strategy

Obama, Holder, Liberal Allies Waste Millions Arguing a “Right to Win” for Democrats

WASHINGTON – In multiple decisions that came down in June from the U.S. Supreme Court, the ongoing litigation strategy perpetuated by liberal groups led by Barack Obama and Eric Holder has been soundly rejected.

On June 18, the Supreme Court rejected the Democrats’ landmark “partisan gerrymandering” lawsuit in Gill v. Whitford for lack of standing.  The Republican State Leadership Committee argued to the Court last fall in an amicus brief that partisan gerrymandering of the kind alleged in Wisconsin simply does not violate any “well-developed and familiar” Constitutional right.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court also summarily vacated the lower court’s decision in another partisan gerrymandering case, Rucho v. Common Cause, out of North Carolina, in light of its holding in Gill.

“The Supreme Court has affirmed multiple times this Term that the political left’s litigation strategy, led largely by Barack Obama and Eric Holder, to load up our courts with pointless lawsuits has only put the political system into unnecessary unpredictability and confusion, costing millions of dollars, and all because Democrats can’t run good candidates with good visions and win at the ballot box.  Republicans, under the leadership of the RSLC’s 2010 REDMAP program, helped flip nearly 1,000 state legislative seats on gerrymandered lines drawn largely by Democrats because we ran good candidates with the right message,” said Matt Walter, President of the Republican State Leadership Committee.

“Legislative map drawing has been a political process that is, by design, executed in state legislative chambers closest to the people they represent.  Democrats argue that a political party is entitled to a proportionate share of seats based on their statewide vote totals – a “Right to Win,” when America has a winner-take-all system, where winning individual elections, not running up votes in safe districts, is what matters.  For the Supreme Court, or any lower court, to even consider the Obama-Holder-Democrat argument would suggest that all voters only vote one party, and that we adopt a style of government closest to a European parliament, rather than a constitutional republic,” Walter added.

To read the RSLC’s amicus brief in Gill v. Whitfordclick here.

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