This Week in RSLC News: Supreme Court Remands Redistricting Case, New Lt. Governor in Missouri, and more

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On Monday the Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, ruled the plaintiffs in Gill v. Whitford did not present or possess evidence “that would tend to demonstrate a burden on their individual votes.” The decision effectively leaves the Wisconsin state Assembly map in place but the Justices sent the case back down to the trial court providing the plaintiffs another opportunity to prove their case. RSLC President Matt Walter in a statement following the decision declared, “Obama and Holder and their liberal allies have raised millions of dollars to present the Supreme Court a case with no legal standing, and will continue to raise millions of dollars to tie up our courts to try to rig the system for Democrats and risk politicizing our judicial system. The Supreme Court’s dismissal of this case for lack of standing – Litigation 101 – confirms what we’ve said all along: That this case was half-baked and ill-conceived.”


Missouri Governor Mike Parson appointed Senate Majority Leader Mike Kehoe to fill the vacancy for Lt. Governor on Monday. Following the announcement, Kehoe praised Governor Parson for his “steady leadership” in light of recent events in the state and, acknowledging the responsibilities of his new office, said, “Like the governor, I believe that public service is a privilege that no one should take lightly.” The Democratic Party of Missouri filed a legal challenge claiming Parson did not have the constitutional authority to appoint a Lt. Governor but a bipartisan group of individuals including former Democrat Governor Jay Nixon came out in support of the constitutionality of Parson’s appointment.

In an op-ed posted at The Daily Caller, RSLC Chairman Bill McCollum laid out the growing offensive by Eric Holder and Barack Obama to flip control of state legislative chambers ahead of the 2020 redistricting process. “The Obama-Holder led effort is on pace to exponentially outraise and outspend Republicans this November and again in 2020,” Chairman McCollum writes. Additionally, McCollum described the stakes of allowing progressives to regain majorities in state legislatures contrasting the high growth and low tax policies of Republican legislative majorities with the legislative actions taken by recent Democrat majorities in California, New Jersey, and Washington.

On Wednesday, South Dakota Republican gubernatorial candidate Kristi Noem announced state Representative Larry Rhoden would be joining her ticket as the Lt. Governor nominee. Rhoden, a rancher, has served in both chambers of the South Dakota state legislature over the past decade. Noem praised Rhoden’s record of public service in her announcement saying, “Larry has served his church, served our state in the South Dakota National Guard, and served his constituents as a citizen legislator. I am honored he’s again chosen to serve.”

In an interview with Reid Wilson of The Hill, RSLC President Matt Walter reflected on the improving political climate for Republican down-ballot candidates. “The landscape has moderated in our favor fairly significantly over the last couple of months. We’re in a highly volatile environment right now, so we think this has the potential to bounce around between now and the election,” Walter said.