Holder Loads Up the Courts with Press-Grabbing Lawsuits Ahead of Possible Defeat at Supreme Court

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David James

Holder Loads Up the Courts with Press-Grabbing Lawsuits Ahead of Possible Defeat at Supreme Court

Holder Continues His “Right to Win” Campaign to Steal Constitutional Map Drawing Away From Voters

WASHINGTON –  In the lead up to a major Supreme Court decision in the Gill v. Whitford case, divisive former Attorney General Eric Holder has today loaded up the federal court system with press-grabbing lawsuits in an obvious naked power grab for Democrats. The height of hypocrisy, Holder is now challenging congressional maps which the Department of Justice reviewed and approved under his leadership.

“Eric Holder and Barack Obama are again resorting to cheap politically-motivated stunts aimed at taking away authority from legislators accountable to the people in an attempt to redraw district lines after Democrats have lost nearly 1,000 state legislative seats since 2010,” said Matt Walter, President of the Republican State Leadership Committee.  “The cynical lawsuits filed today by Holder and the Democrats are crass attempts to rally the left-wing base and to elect more Democrats through litigation, instead of running winning campaigns on policies and ideas that voters actually want,” Walter added.

Since 2010 the Republican State Leadership Committee has helped flip nearly 1,000 state legislative seats largely drawn on Democratic lines.  Liberals led by Eric Holder and Barack Obama are attempting to litigate their way to redrawing legislative and congressional maps without having to win an election accountable to voters, targeting Republican-held states, and ignoring gerrymandered, Democrat-run states like Illinois and Maryland. Most state constitutions protect a legislative map drawing process that is accountable to the people.

In a recent court deposition taken regarding the Democrats’ gerrymander of Maryland, former Democrat Governor Martin O’Malley said under oath, “Part of my intent was to create a map that, all things being legal and equal, would, nonetheless, be more likely to elect more Democrats rather than less.”

“Democrats don’t litigate legislative map drawing when they had the power of the pen. Eric Holder won’t comment on Barack Obama’s drawing of his own state senate district in Illinois, and he won’t comment on the Democrats’ gerrymander of Maryland.  Holder only targets Republican states for his frivolous lawsuits.  In short, all this litigation and grandstanding by Holder is nothing more than a naked power grab by Democrats, with nothing ‘fair’ or ‘nonpartisan’ about it,” Walter concluded.

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