RSLC Support For Historic Recall Flips California Senate Seat

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TO:                      Interested Parties

FROM:                Justin Richards, RSLC Vice President

DATE:                 June 6, 2018

RE:                      RSLC Support For Historic Recall Flips California Senate Seat

On June 5th, the voters of California state Senate District 29 recalled Democrat Josh Newman by a 20-point margin, 60-40%, largely over his support for a $52 billion gas tax increase.  The campaign was the first successful state legislative recall in California in nearly a quarter century and only the fifth in state history.

Democrats banked their entire strategy to stop the recall effort on rage against the President, and it was a huge failure.

With Newman’s defeat, Democrats lost their supermajority in the state Senate and the ability to pass new tax hikes without bipartisan support.

RSLC Investments Make a Difference

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) invested nearly $400,000 to support the recall effort and a strong Primary election turnout.  A strategic partner of the California Republican Party Senate caucus, the RSLC invested a total of $75,000 during the signature gathering process and the campaign.  As part of the RSLC’s Future Majority Project, which supports candidates of diverse ethnicities, we also contributed the maximum of $4,400 to Ling Ling Chang, the new Republican state Senator for the 29th District.

Finally, as part of a multi six-figure independent expenditure, the RSLC encouraged Republican voters to turn out for state legislative races in southern California through a targeted cable television and radio campaign over the final two weeks of the campaign.  See the television ad here.

Candidates Matter

Since the 2012 cycle, the RSLC has been promoting and investing in Future Majority Project candidates and Right Women, Right Now candidates across the country.  Together, these programs have helped to elect over 100 new candidates from diverse backgrounds and nearly 400 new women to state level offices.  In 2014, Young Kim was elected to the California state Assembly as one of those candidates highlighted by that years ’14 in 14’ initiative.  On Tuesday night, Kim finished first in the primary for Congressional District 39, to replace retiring Republican Rep. Ed Royce, and will be in a highly competitive race in November critical to protecting the Republican U.S. House majority.

Republican state Senator Janet Nguyen, another successful candidate from the RSLC’s Future Majority Project ‘14 in 14’ initiative finished with nearly 60 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election and is well-positioned to be re-elected in November.


During the summer of 2016, Democrats and political pundits predicted a Democrat wave.  Instead, Republicans won the most state legislative majorities and seats in modern history.  Since then, Republicans have flipped Hillary-won seats in New Jersey, Massachusetts and now California.  Just a few weeks ago, a Republican won Pennsylvania House District 48 for the first time ever.  With the President’s approval rating continuing to rise, the generic congressional ballot closing, and the right direction of the country at a five year high, we’re in for a highly competitive November election.