RSLC President Matt Walter’s Op-ed in The Washington Times


RSLC President Matt Walter published an op-ed in The Washington Times regarding the false narratives being spun by Democratic activists and the media about the results of the 2017 state legislative elections. Walter writes:

The Democrats, and their allies on shows like “Morning Joe,” suggest that what has happened in Virginia alone is the beginning of something bigger. All that happened in Virginia is that a blue state voted blue. It has been three election cycles since Republicans won their only statewide seat of the Obama-era in Virginia.


Liberal and progressive interests spent over $13 million in Virginia, three times what Democrat-affiliated groups collectively spent in the last gubernatorial cycle, but Republicans hold two state legislative districts won by Hillary Clinton while Democrats hold only one district won by President Trump. In 2017, the liberals outspent the GOP almost three-to-one, something they cannot sustain doing in thousands of state legislative races in 2018. The Democrats spent all of those resources just to reclaim Democrat-blue areas, and effectively crawl back to neutral.

You can read Walter’s full analysis of the 2017 results on The Washington Times website here.