Justin Fairfax Opposes Pipelines that Could Bring Thousands of Jobs to Virginia


Virginia’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax seems to be more willing to represent the interests of far-left protestors than the citizens of Virginia.

During his primary campaign, Fairfax said that he would oppose any pipeline construction in Virginia in hopes to gain the support of the progressives who have been protesting the proposed pipelines.

Now he has doubled down on this pledge despite his own running mate, gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, saying that he would support the construction of the natural gas pipelines.

Two pipelines are currently being evaluated in Virginia and their construction and implementation could lead to tens of thousands of jobs for Virginians as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in energy savings. Additionally, the operation of the pipeline could generate millions of dollars of state and local tax revenue.

But despite the economic benefits and savings for Virginians, Fairfax would rather appease the far-left protestors who oppose the pipelines than the citizens of Virginia.

Virginians should be asking themselves: if Fairfax and Northam cannot agree on a position on a major economic opportunity for their state how are the two planning on working together in Richmond?