Iowa Democrat Hypocritically Injects Partisanship into Gubernatorial Succession


Contact: Adam Temple

Iowa Democrat Hypocritically Injects Partisanship into Gubernatorial Succession

Washington D.C. (May 1, 2017) – Republican State Leadership Committee President, Matt Walter, issued the following statement after Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller contradicted his own position and issued an opinion stating Governor Kim Reynolds could not appoint the state’s next lieutenant governor:

“Today’s opinion from Iowa Attorney General Miller is the height of hypocrisy and flies in the face of his stance taken as recently as December that as a full-fledged governor, Kim Reynolds, would have the authority to name a new lieutenant governor.

“Any argument General Miller makes to stand in the way of the transition, a process that has been established and affirmed by Democrats, is nothing more than caving to the ultra-left, liberal extremists and a tarnishing of his legacy. General Miller’s rhetorical acrobatics are the stuff of conspiracy theorists.

“General Miller is standing in the way of a seamless transition and flipping on a stance he’s long held. He chose party over impartiality and Iowans should never trust him in the future.”

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