NEW POLL: Democrat Leader Bob Trammell Trails By 9 Points in Georgia House Race

RSLC has spent almost $700,000 in committee’s top target race

WASHINGTON – A new poll today, commissioned by the Georgia Republican House Caucus and its results published by The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, revealed that Georgia House Minority Leader Bob Trammell is in hot water, trailing his Republican opponent, David Jenkins, by a 9-point margin in the race for House District 132. The election is a key flip opportunity for Georgia state Republicans this year and is the top national target for the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), who has invested almost $700,000 in defeating Trammell’s reelection campaign.

“The more Georgians learn about liberal Bob Trammell, the less they like him – and we’re proud to be able to provide that education,” said Austin Chambers, RSLC President. “American communities, including some in Georgia, are struggling to keep businesses open and jobs intact because of the failed leadership of liberal politicians like Trammell. There has never been a more important time in our country for elected leaders to put the people they represent ahead of the partisan politics they support. State Republicans have answered that call; Bob Trammell has ignored it. We’re not surprised that has led to a precipitous decline in his support – but we take nothing for granted and will continue to beat the drum until he’s been defeated.”   

The RSLC identified Trammell as its “top target in the nation” and has spent almost $700,000 to defeat the Democrat through television, radio, mail, and digital advertisements exposing his record of poor leadership and propensity to lead with self-serving, partisan motives. The committee launched its first full-scale ad blitz and put Trammell’s liberal agenda on full display. In contrast, American hero and Republican David Jenkins is the smart solution to replace the self-serving liberal politician, and the RSLC was proud to endorse Jenkins in the primary.

The RSLC is also invested heavily in protecting Georgia’s conservative legislative majorities and Republican trifecta as a whole through a multi-million dollar campaign announced in May.