In The News: Toretti and Reilly Highlight RSLC Success in Pennsylvania

Washington, DC — Republican National Committee members Christine Toretti and Andrew Reilly penned an op-ed today with Penn Live highlighting the Republican State Leadership Committee’s (RSLC) success in Pennsylvania’s May elections and what it means for Republicans in the state in 2022. Toretti and Reilly note the strong performance for Judge Kevin Brobson, who the RSLC supported in his primary with a six-figure television advertising campaign. They also discuss how state Republicans added two women to the state legislature and defended multiple seats.

Here are some highlights from the op-ed:

With a gubernatorial and U.S. Senate race approaching in 2022, some media is perpetuating the theory that the Republican Party is too divided to win statewide in Pennsylvania and will be for years to come. That false narrative was quickly disproved last month.

May’s election results are evidence that the Republican Party in Pennsylvania is united and continuing to expand its reach going into the midterms, while Democrats push swing voters away with radical fringe policies that have crippled the commonwealth.

More votes were cast in the Republican primary for the Supreme Court than in the Democrat primary. The Republican nomination was won by Commonwealth Court Judge Kevin Brobson, who was endorsed by the Pennsylvania Republican Party and business groups across the state, with more than half of the total vote.

Judge Brobson has served on the Commonwealth Court for ten years and has been tasked with ensuring that state and local governments follow the law. His experience as a judge, coupled with a commitment to public service that runs deep through his family tree, has Judge Brobson well positioned to win in November.

Republicans also defended two state House seats, adding two women to the state legislature in House Districts 59 and 60. Abby Major, an Army veteran and Young Republican, will be the first woman to hold the House District 60 seat. Republicans also defended the Senate District 48 seat with the victory of small business leader Chris Gebhard. Making these wins all the more encouraging, each district was won with a margin of more than thirty percent of the vote.

Republicans in Pennsylvania continue to build on a 2020 cycle where we defied all expectations and maintained control of both chambers of the state legislature

The enthusiasm we are seeing in the Republican Party at all levels shows that the wind is at our back. If we learn from what the voters made clear last week and stay focused on combating the Democrats’ disastrous policies that have negatively impacted the lives of so many Pennsylvanians, we will win in 2022. Some media is rooting for a bickering match because they know that Republicans will be tough to beat when united. Let’s capitalize on this momentum and prove the doubters wrong in the months ahead.