In The News Save Jersey: Survey finds fertile territory for GOP messaging in 2021 N.J. battlegrounds

Washington, DC — Save Jersey this morning published a piece highlighting the Republican State Leadership Committee’s (RSLC) new polling data, which shows that the failed leadership and radical liberal agenda being implemented by Governor Murphy and his allies in the legislature are turning New Jerseyans away from the Democratic Party, creating opportunities for down-ballot Republicans in November’s election.

From Save Jersey, 

New Jersey’s gerrymandered legislative districts present an uphill challenge for Republicans every cycle, but the national organization charged with helping elect GOP candidates believes five districts in particular are fertile territory for Republican messaging.

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) email blasted the polling memo (posted below) to donors last week.

“Our modeling makes clear that if we hold incumbent Democrat legislators accountable for their extreme agenda, then we have paths to success in these key battleground districts,” wrote RSLC Political Director Edith Jorge-Tuñón, herself a veteran of NJGOP campaigns.

For example, in LD16, “persuadable voters are13 points more likely to vote for a Republican legislative candidate when made aware that Trenton Democrats have worked to defund and remove legal protections for law enforcement.”

Anti-‘defund the police’ messaging also worked in LD2; Atlantic City officials recently announced that a nightly juvenile curfew would be announced by the sounding of sirens.

Of the districts polled, LD2 and LD16 have incumbent GOP senators who are retiring and LD8 has two GOP Assembly members, one of whom is retiring (Ryan Peters) and the other (Jean Stanfield) who is running for a senate seat. The remaining seats are all presently occupied by Democrats.

The N.J. Assembly is currently 52-28 Democrat and the State Senate is 25-15 Democrat.

Read the full story, which includes the RSLC’s full polling memo, HERE.