GOP committee to elect Republican officials at state level touts record haul

A GOP political organization dedicated to electing Republicans to state offices across the nation is highlighting what it calls a “record” first quarter fundraising haul in an off-election year.

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) announced on Monday that, along with its strategic policy partner, the State Government Leadership Foundation, it hauled in a combined $4.2 million in fundraising during the January-March quarter, which the RSLC said is the most it’s ever brought in in the first quarter of an odd year.

The RSLC said its fundraising was boosted by what it touted as a surge in online fundraising thanks to the continued expansion of the committee’s low-dollar fundraising program, launched in 2019.

“Despite the false narrative in the mainstream media that Republicans would struggle to raise money this cycle, we continue to break records and build on our 2020 achievements,” RSLC president Dee Duncan argued in a statement.

While the Republicans are the minority party in the both houses of Congress and are out of power in the White House, it’s a very different story in the states.

Republicans control 54% of the 7,383 total legislative seats throughout the country, according the latest data from the National Conference on State Legislatures. And they control 61 of the nation’s 99 state legislative chambers (Nebraska is the only state with a unicameral legislature). They control 30 of the 50 state legislatures, and have total control (State house majority and control of the governor’s office) in 23 states, compared to 15 for the Democrats.

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