Bob Trammell’s “No” Vote to Cut His Own Taxpayer-Funded Legislative Salary is a Slap in the Face to Hardworking Georgians

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) released the following statement after Democrat Leader Bob Trammell voted “no” on S.B. 416—a 10% pay cut for Georgia legislators. The Republican-controlled Georgia House of Representatives passed the bill 106-51.

“Democrat Leader Bob Trammell just slapped every hard-working Georgian in the face – while their pockets and wallets are hurting, he couldn’t be bothered to give back 10% of his taxpayer-funded salary,” said RSLC President Austin Chambers. “Bob continues to show his true colors. Whether it is voting for higher taxes or lining his pockets with taxpayer-funded paychecks – he continues to prove that he’s not the leader Georgians deserve and is nothing more than a career politician interested in enriching himself on the backs of the hard-working people of Georgia.”

The RSLC has identified the state as a top-three national priority this year and announced a multi-million dollar campaign to hold Georgia Republicans’ legislative majorities ahead of the redistricting process set to take place next year. The committee announced that defeating House Democrat Minority Leader Bob Trammell – whose district was won by President Donald Trump and Governor Brian Kemp in 2016 and 2018, respectively – as the committee’s top priority race nationally.