Weekly Roundup 5/18/17

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Republicans outnumber Democrats in women lieutenant governors (eight to Democrats’ five)?

Seven Republican women also serve in the role of secretary of state.


WRAL reported that the North Carolina Senate passed its 2017-2018 budget plan, which Republican leaders say continues their philosophy of restricted spending and tax cuts. According to Senate budget chairman Sen. Harry Brown, the proposal “reduces the tax burden on North Carolina families and small businesses.”

The Wichita Eagle reported that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach will serve as vice chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Electoral Integrity, a national commission investigating the integrity of American elections. “He’s obviously very intelligent and he’s spent a lot of time digging into elections and different ways there can be problems with voters, whether it’s voter fraud or unintentional mistakes. … He’s been a leading face and voice on that issue,” Clay Barker, director of the Kansas Republican Party, said of Kobach.

The Times reported that Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson has also been tapped to serve on the President’s commission investigating voter fraud. 

The Marietta Daily Journal reported that Kay Kirkpatrick won the special election for Georgia’s District 32 state senate seat. Kirkpatrick won with 57 percent of the vote. “I think that I’ve run a very organized and positive campaign, and we’ve done all of the things that we’ve needed to do as far as grassroots efforts and getting name recognition and getting the word out,” she said. “I also think I’ve had a pretty positive message, and I’ve tried to stay on that positive message throughout.”