The Sham Behind “Let America Vote”

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Group Claiming to Help Voters Should Let America Know It’s Really a Liberal Front Group Apparently Padding the Pockets of Democrat Jason Kander

Contact: Adam Temple

Washington D.C. (April 5, 2017) – In February, to much self-supplied fanfare, a group called “Let America Vote” launched and most recently announced an ad-buy in opposition to commonsense New Hampshire legislation that would help prevent out-of-state residents from voting in that state on Election Day. While “Let America Vote” claims to be an advocate for voters, the reality is starting to look a bit different, as the group’s leadership has a questionable record on elections, is shady in its funding and is fighting bipartisan legislation, sponsored and passed by the Republican state Senate majority and supported by the state’s Democrat Secretary of State.

  • As Missouri’s Secretary of State, Jason Kander Oversaw Elections Frought with Sloppiness that Deprived Residents from Voting: “KRCG has confirmed that Republican voters in least 2 Mid-Missouri counties were turned away at the polls on election night because of a shortage of ballots … Missouri lawmakers from both parties are upset over the Presidential Primary ballot mess …Secretary of State Jason Kander denied our request for an interview.” (KRCG-TV, “Lawmakers upset with Primary ballot shortage,” 3/16/2016) “… Anywhere from 30 to 35 locations ran out of paper ballots. That number obviously increased as the day went on.” (St. Louis Public Radio, “St. Louis County elections extended in 63 precincts after ballot shortages,” 4/5/2016)
  • “Let America Vote” is Funded by … We Don’t Know … and Appears to be Dishing out Cash to Two Kanders: Despite having the resources to make an ad buy in New Hampshire, the group has yet to publicly disclose its donors or expenditures. The group, which is based in Washington, D.C., employs both Jason Kander as President and Diane Kander as Vice President and Treasurer.
  • The Person Actually Tasked with Ensuring Access to the New Hampshire Ballot Box – a Democrat – Favors the Legislation: “Longtime Secretary of State Bill Gardner is throwing the weight of his office behind several proposed changes to state election laws, including … SB 3.” (New Hampshire Union Leader, “Bill aims to close voting ‘domicile loophole’ in election law,” 2/14/2017)

“The idea that a failed Missouri candidate would spend money from undisclosed resources to fight common sense legislation backed by New Hampshire’s Democrat Secretary of State is laughable,” said RSLC President Matt Walter. “New Hampshire residents certainly have a number of questions that should be answered.”

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