Weekly Roundup 3/20-3/24

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Townhall reported that the DNC  — still trailing the RNC in fundraising numbers — has been unable to “count on anti-Trump fervor to fill their coffers.” This may put a damper on the Left’s aim to retake some ground at the state-level. According to the article, “the Republican State Leadership Committee says the GOP is in solid shape at the state-level—and gerrymandering has nothing to do with it; the latter is a common liberal talking point to explain their dismal existence in Appalachia and other parts of the country that went heavily for Trump.”

Domain Investing reported that President Donald Trump promoted the website PassTheBill.GOP on Twitter today. The website uses “the .GOP extension … operated by the Republican State Leadership Committee.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that while “Democrats abandoned rural America,” new DNC leader Tom Perez has pledged that will not happen again. 

The Patriot-News reported that Pennsylvania Republicans are calling for an outside investigation of alleged election code violations by poll workers in a North Philly special election Tuesday night. 

The Richmond Register reported that Kentucky Majority Floor Leader Jonathan Shell was honored to emcee the Trump rally in Lexington, KY this week. “I talk to a lot of people in my district and they are ready to see the results,” said Shell… “People feel like (Trump) is going to produce on those promises he made and they are excited about it.”

Inforum reported that Minnesota Republicans hope to cut taxes by $1.35 billion over the next two years. With a surplus of $1.65 billion, “Republicans say taxpayers pay the state too much and should get some money back.”

 The Clarion-Ledger reported that the Mississippi Legislature has “passed a campaign-finance reform measure that would restrict politicians’ spending campaign money on personal expenses and provide for some enforcement and oversight by the state Ethics Commission.”

The Review Journal reported that Nevada Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison sponsored legislation that “would require companies to provide written certification that they are not involved in a boycott of Israel or Israeli companies in order to qualify for a contract with a government agency.”