Weekly Roundup 3/6-3/10

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RSLC Chairman Bill McCollum and RSLC President Matt Walter co-authored an op-ed in The Hill this week, explaining how “Republican state strength will withstand” Democrat attempts to reorganize and regain down-ballot seats. As McCollum and Walter note, Republicans have been incredibly successful in states because of the RSLC’s REDistricting Majority Project (REDMAP), coupled with “great candidates, effective campaigns and the failures” of the Obama administration.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Democrats have flipped “zero seats in four blue state special elections” in 2017. The article points to a memo released last week by the RSLC showing that “Republicans have won every district they previously held across multiple states that Democrats have won in the last three or more presidential elections” even despite”hefty financial investments and high profile Democrats lending star power to state-level candidates.”

The Hill reported that “Democrats see early election wins as a sign of things to come.” Republicans, however, see the special election numbers as “nothing more than a slight bump … [pointing] to the lack of flipped seats, despite a major financial and logistical investment.” RSLC Political Director Justin Richards noted that “Democrats played to win each one of those Republican seats and lost.”

Zero Hedge reported that Barack Obama is getting ready to assist “the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) in its efforts” to regain state legislative seats and gain control of redistricting in 2020.

Real Clear Education reported that Kentucky Republicans have pushed a “major education bill” through the legislature to “take a large chunk of education decision-making out of the hands of the federal and state government and return it to Kentucky’s local districts and schools.”

Radio Iowa reported that Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds “is reviewing different ways to make Iowa’s income taxes ‘simpler and flatter.'” Reynolds will succeed Terry Branstad as governor when he resigns to become ambassador to China.

Florida Politics reported that legislation to make Florida’s secretary of state office an elected position is advancing through the legislature.  GOP Senator Aaron Bean, who sponsored the bill, said the secretary should be reinstated as a cabinet member who is accountable directly to the people.”