RSLC Weekly Roundup 1/2-1/6

vchicola RSLC News, Weekly Roundup


The Associated Press reported that “out of power” state-level Democrats are expressing frustration with the DNC for focusing “too heavily on the White House at the expense of governorships, legislatures and state party operations” during Obama’s tenure.

The Muscatine Journal reported that “Republicans [are] ready to take control of the Iowa Statehouse,” following the GOP takeover of the state senate in November. Incoming Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix says Republicans are ready to “kick the door in” in Des Moines to downsize government and stimulate “economic growth and investment.”

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that the Kentucky House elected a Republican speaker on Tuesday, Rep. Jeff Hoover, for the first time in nearly 100 years. House Republicans immediately got to work on bills addressing right-to-work, prevailing wage and more.

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board released a piece entitled “The Madigan Plan for 2017: More Failure, More Bleeding,” detailing Madigan’s  record of “ruinously spending and borrowing”  and explaining why Democrats should refrain from re-electing him as Speaker.

KVRR News reported that North Dakota Lt. Governor Brent Sanford spoke to the state Senate about the incoming legislative session, noting that he will focus on exploring energy opportunities, diversifying the state economy and making sure “each city has the appropriate tools and programs for healthy growth.”

The Oregonian reported that Dennis Richardson was sworn in as Oregon’s Secretary of State, breaking a “30-year drought of Republicans in the office.” Richardson pledged to run the office with “enhanced accountability and unparalleled transparency.”