RSLC Announces Engagement in Insurance and Utility Commissioner Races

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) announced it will begin engaging and educating voters about public utility commissioner and insurance commissioner electeds and candidates in targeted races. The expansion in RSLC state-level activity will begin over the course of the next few months in the buildup to Election Day 2016. 

“The RSLC’s ethos since its formation has centered around the idea that more information for voters will enable them to make well-informed, better decisions on Election Day,” said RSLC President Matt Walter. “In states across the country, voters elect public utility and insurance commissioners who have tremendous responsibilities regulating two essential areas that impact everyone’s daily lives: energy and insurance. After seeing a concerted push from out-of-touch liberal interests recently in these areas and races, the RSLC’s new efforts will help to ensure that the conservative reform vision for the energy and insurance industries are presented fairly to the public before ballots are cast.” 

The RSLC will work to educate voters in many of the dozen states that elect utility commissioners by promoting sound, free-market policy and highlighting the candidates who best represent these values. Utility commissions regulate essential areas that impact the lives of every citizen, including energy markets, telecommunications and transportation. With the high-level, orchestrated entry of liberal interest groups, ideologically-driven liberal billionaires and radical environmentalists into state-level politics, the RSLC has been and will continue to serve as a check and balance to the left’s efforts to take back offices where voters have kicked them out. 

The RSLC will also engage voters on the importance of electing insurance commissioners who reflect their values on healthcare and other insurance markets in some of the ten states that elect these commissioners. With the disastrous implementation of Obamacare, it’s more important than ever to ensure that states serve as a check on misguided federal insurance mandates.

The RLSC’s announcement today is a continuation of the recent expansion of RSLC state-level activity. In addition to its ongoing mission to elect Republican state legislators, lieutenant governors and secretaries of state, in 2014, the RSLC announced the creation of the Judicial Fairness Initiative which educates voters on state judicial elections. In 2015, the RSLC launched the Center for Conservative Initiatives, which educates the public on important ballot initiatives, and in 2016, the RSLC launched REDMAP 2020 – the next redistricting cycle’s version of the successful REDMAP 2010 project. Learn more at