The Republican State Leadership Committee’s (RSLC) Future Majority Project (FMP) seeks to recruit, train and support candidates who better reflect the full diversity of our nation. Launched in 2011, FMP supports men and women from diverse communities as they run to grow the economy, support job creators and focus on ways to keep more money in the pockets of working families. The efforts are helping to build a strong bench of current and future Republican leaders.


Building upon FMP’s 2012 successes – in which the RSLC invested $5 million and focused on candidates of Hispanic descent and increasing targeted outreach to younger voters – the RSLC became bigger, broader and bolder in extending the reach of FMP for the 2013-2014 cycle. Since 2013, FMP has focused on recruiting candidates of all diverse backgrounds to run for state-level offices nationwide. Incorporating a 50-state strategy, the RSLC took several key steps to ensure that on Election Day 2014, there would be a significant increase in Republican diverse elected officials at the state level.

• For the 2013-2014 cycle, FMP identified, recruited, trained and supported over 240 diverse candidates in 40 states to run for elected office at the state level. FMP recruitment began in May of 2013.

• RSLC staff visited over 25 states for in-person recruitment meetings, candidate trainings and events primarily in the Desert Southwest, Pacific Northwest and Midwest/Great Lakes regions.

• In partnership with the RSLC’s RLCC, RLGA and RSSC caucuses, FMP hosted 8 small business roundtables with women and minority business leaders in California, Washington, Iowa, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

• In a combined effort to recruit more women to run for office through the RSLC’s Right Women, Right Now initiative, the RSLC invested over $6 million through FMP and Right Women, Right Now over the course of the 2014 cycle to elect 43 new candidates of diverse ethnicity and 138 new women.

• In the 2014 cycle, six diverse statewide Republicans were elected: John Sanchez (New Mexico Lt. Governor), Carlos Lopez-Cantera (Florida Lt. Governor), Evelyn Sanguinetti (Illinois Lt. Governor), Boyd Rutherford (Maryland Lt. Governor), Dianna Duran (New Mexico Secretary of State) & Carlos Cascos (Texas Secretary of State).

2010 Hispanic Population Census


Neri Martinez, FMP Executive Director